Thank you for helping Missourians quit smoking.


This catalog will allow you to choose and place your order for a free Missouri Tobacco Quitline display. Just follow these three steps:

Step 1. Browse
Click on the links below to browse the available message and image options.

Option 1: Breathe Deeply & Savor Each Moment
Option 2: I got some good news today… and I quit smoking
Option 3: I heard from an old friend today… and I quit smoking
Option 4: I have a new favorite song
Option 5: We have a new favorite dance
Option 6: You carry me. I carry you.
Option 7: You carried me. I’ll carry you.
Option 8: Call. It's free. It works.

Step 2. Choose
From the options above, choose a message and image suitable for your clients.

Also, choose between a free-standing display that can sit on top of a desk, table or shelf; or a display that can be securly affixed to a wall, window, or door without damaging paint, wood, glass, or metel.

Step 3. Call
Call to place your order:

Erin Robinson
Health Communication Research Laboratory
Washington University in St. Louis
Phone: (314) 935-3717
Toll free: 1-888-935-3717