About Ozioma

Ozioma is a national cancer news service based at Washington University in St. Louis.

Founded in 2005 and funded by the National Cancer Institute, Ozioma  began by providing African-American newspapers with locally relevant news about cancer.  “Ozioma,” the Ibo (Nigerian) word for “good news,”  describes the mission of the news service: To provide readers with information about the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment and prevention and in so doing helping to eliminate health disparities.

From 2005-2011, the news service distributed nearly 100 news releases to dozens of African-American newspapers in the U.S.  Many of the releases included local data, and some featured local quotes and photographs from community reporters employed by Ozioma in a partnership with the American Cancer Society.  The news releases proved very popular and their publication in newspapers reached more than 500,000 readers.

Now, Ozioma has broadened its scope with the help of localhealthdata.org, an on-line tool developed by the Ozioma team to enable journalists and public-information specialists to find locally relevant health data and add that data to stories and news releases.

You can access our new data tool by clicking on “Data” at the top of this screen.  “News Releases” offers recent news from Ozioma that can be used with LHD to create locally relevant stories; it also features several “evergreen” stories about cancer that can also be localized.  The “Archive” section of the site includes all of our past news releases, and is searchable by community, date, or topic.